LaTeX Tables

Entering tables in LaTeX documents can be burdensome because of the necessary formatting directives. For this purpose we created this online generator which (hopefully) will allow you to generate LaTeX code you can just copy & paste into your document's source. Our editor is close to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Got) principle, i.e. the table displayed in the editor should resemble the final table.

Supported features

HTML Tables

Creating tables in HTML seems to be somewhat easier than in LaTeX, the syntax is simpler but more verbose. There are countless tools available which allow you to create tables in HTML format, nevertheless if you just need a quick and simple tool you may use the generator on our site. It supports features like cells merging, text align and some simple styling.

Text-only tables

Yes, almost no one needs tables in plain text but if you belong to the narrow group of people who really need one you may use our editor. It supports all basic features like multi-line cells' contents and also cells spanning multiple columns or rows. Text alignment is also supported.

Supported browsers

Our table generator should work with recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox browsers with JavaScript enabled. Borders editing works a bit better with Firefox, i.e. collapsed borders of multi-row or multi-col cells are displayed better. If you are not sure if the result is what you want please copy the generated code and compile your LaTeX document.

It probably won't work in Internet Explorer. In future we will work on introducing better support for more browsers.

What about my data?

Do not worry, we do not store your data on our servers and we do not use it for any other purpose than generating the desired table code. We love open source and free software -- our generators are and remain free of charge.


Go to the changelog to read about the recent changes and bug fixes.


Our project could not be possible without the following wonderful open source software: