Keyboard shortcuts useful for table editing

To do this Press
Select a cell Click on the cell using mouse
Select the neighbor cell Use arrow keys, i.e. LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN
Start editing a cell Select the cell and press ENTER or double click using mouse
Stop editing a cell ESC
Remove the cell contents and start editing it F2
Remove the cell contents Select the cell(s) (but do not edit it) and press DEL
Start editing the next cell TAB
Start editing the previous cell SHIFT + TAB
Select all cells CTRL + A
Select multiple cells Use arrows keys while holding SHIFT to grow or shrink the current selection
Select the first cell in a table CTRL + HOME
Undo / redo the last change to a table CTRL + Z / CTRL + Y
Change font style to bold CTRL + B
Change font style to italic CTRL + I
Underline text CTRL + U
Insert a link (HTML tables only) CTRL + K
Change text alignment to left, center, right CTRL + L / CTRL + E / CTRL + R